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Samick Pianos



Samick Music Corporation is the world’s largest maker of pianos today. They make several brand names, quality, and performance levels. Their limited edition hand-crafted instruments are C. Bechstein of Berlin, Wm. Knabe & Co., and Sohmer & Co. Their production pianos include Samick, Young Chang, Pramberger, Kohler & Campbell, Conover Cable, Bergman, and Hazelton, just to name a few.

The SAMICK branded pianos reflect the company name and the company pride in delivering to the average family tremendous value, durability, and performance in a reasonably priced piano. They feature German scale designs by Klaus Fenner. The SAMICK pianos come with long running warranties and an excellent history for service and durability under heavy institutional use.

With many components from Germany, yet costing just slightly more than pianos from China, SAMICK may offer the best piano value today.




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