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Falcone - George Steck Pianos



The Falcone piano company was founded by Santi Falcone, a piano technician and rebuilder in the Boston area who, in the early 1980’s, began to build his own grand pianos. Originally from Sicily, Falcone came to the United States at the age of fourteen and began tuning pianos at sixteen.  Troubled both by the inferior, mass produced character of many pianos and by the incredibly high prices of the high-quality pianos, he set out to build an instrument that was once of the highest caliber and affordable.

Many of the early Falcone pianos were compared to Steinways and were loosely based on Steinway designs.  Falcone pianos were known for their warm singing tone.  The Falcone piano company was sold and resold a few times and Santi Falcone eventually went into the candy business.  In 2001 the Falcone Piano Company was acquired by ASC the American division of the huge 1/3 of a billion dollar Korean Sejung conglomerate.  ASC’s goals were to build a piano that fulfilled the initial mission of Santi Falcone, that was to build a piano of high caliber and affordable with a warm singing tone.  ASC’s able staff of Korean piano technicians and master builders have as much as 30 years of piano building experience and they channeled that experience into building the Falcone pianos.  It was decided early on the Falcone piano should separate itself from the pack in both design and materials.  The Falcone pianos have a unique cabinet line and a distinctive leg design.  The materials for the Falcone pianos are also unique.  To showcase these materials Falcone created their Falcone Georgian Series grand pianos.  These pianos have a distinctive African Bubinga wood inner liner on the grand pianos, which adds elegance and beauty to the pianos appearance.  The Georgian Series Falcone also feature world famous Abel hammers from Germany, Roslau strings from Germany, gold plated interior hardware for beauty and durability, solid maple caped bridges, and Siberian solid spruce soundboards and on some models Italian Ciresa solid spruce soundboards from the Val Di Feme.  Georgian Falcone Series vertical pianos feature Ciresa solid spruce soundboards from Italy, German Roslau strings, German Abel hammers, gold plated hardware and agrafs on every note. 

Truly, Falcone today is a company offering a premium piano in tone and materials for mid range affordable price.  This was the goal of Santi Falcone in 1980 and it is being realized today by the new Falcone pianos.




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